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    Windows cloud VPS

    Virtual private server running the latest Windows Server with custom configuration & root access.

    Windows Cloud VPS 1


    62.16/ mo.

    7% discount for a 12-month commitment

    • CPU 2x
    • RAM 2GB
    • HDD 40GB

    Windows Cloud VPS 2

    € 82.04

    77.61/ mo.

    7% discount for a 12-month commitment

    • CPU 2x
    • RAM 4GB
    • HDD 50GB

    Windows Cloud VPS 3


    106.52/ mo.

    7% discount for a 12-month commitment

    • CPU 4x
    • RAM 4GB
    • HDD 100GB

    Windows Cloud VPS 4


    172.44/ mo.

    7% discount for a 12-month commitment

    • CPU 8x
    • RAM 8GB
    • HDD 100GB
    ks / month
    GB / month
    GB / month

    For every Cloud VPS:

    • Initial installation
    • Full backups
    • Own public IPv4 address
    • 5TB traffic.
    • OS licence (17€ /month).
    Binding period
    18,38€ 17,09€ / month

    Our Windows servers use Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Still, 2012 R2 is available.


    Redundancy of infrastructure ensures continual operation even in case of hardware crash.


    System resources can be adjusted at any time according to actual needs.

    Availability 99,98%

    Uninterrupted operation and running of your applications through day and night.


    Peter Nemčok

    WordPress Slovakia community leader

    “Hosting from WY is very stable and almost entirely without downtime. Despite the fact that it is a shared hosting, the loading speed of websites is very good. WY Panel app is also better to those with whom I have had the opportunity to work. Technical support and speed of response are on the excellent level. Overall, I can say that WY provides one of the best Slovak hosting for WordPress sites. “

    Michal Dragan

    Online marketing specialist & influencer

    “In WY, I use hosting and domain registration. I could write many things, why I am pleased. WY is the hosting one do not even know about, because everything works as it should. All is solved by the payment of invoices. “

    Daniel Ďuriš

    Pizza SEO

    “We chose WY at a time when we were looking for a faster and more stable hosting provider. Our WordPress site was slow and very often down. Many times we payed for clicks from an online campaign that led to the non-functioning website. After moving to WY, we recorded boost and speed, as one of the factors affecting the results Google, helps us to have a good position. Monitoring by Pingdom confirms that our multihosting is running great, without regular down-times. “

    30 day money back guarantee

    We are so confident about our servers that we are offering you 30­ day guarantee of refund.