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    Webpartner. Become a hoster.

    Reseller program for developers, dev studios and agencies, enabling you to sell hosting under your own name.

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    By becoming a Webpartner via our reseller program, you become a virtual host. You provide services under your own name, using our infrastructure. You get hosting from us for wholesale prices, leaving you flexibility to provide support and deal with your day-to-day agenda.

    The ideal Webpartners are

    Web developers and administrators

    Online and marketing agencies

    IT outsourcing companies

    General terms

    • Reseller program is intended for legal entities or entrepreneurs.
    • Discount rates depend on revenues.
    • Technical support and invoicing is arranged for by the reseller.
    • To end-customers, we only act as a domain registrar.
    • Our White-Label admin tools are at your disposal.