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    Webglobe – Yegon Infrastructure. Accessibility, speed and security.

    We have gradually built our infrastructure on three basic values – availability, speed and security. We don’t practice false economy on servers and network facilities; we use modern & proven technologies and we thoroughly test our advancements before launching.

    Data Centers

    We have 3 data centers in 3 different global areas, all in different climates (so that a natural disaster in one wouldn’t affect another). Each center is connected to each of the others and with a backup connection as well, all on fiber optic cables. All of our data centers meet the strictest international security and accessibility criteria.


    We buy connectivity from two geographically independent suppliers in different parts of the world. We route it to our own autonomous IP range using high-quality Cisco products. Our top-of-the-line architecture enables us to be online even if a data centre is under DDOS attack. Rest assured with your connectivity, as all network facilities are operated in minimum configuration N+1, in other words, our infrastructure does not contain “single point of failure“.


    We use only high-quality branded hardware for providing hosting services. For network services we primarily use Cisco and Cisco Linksys products, for transmission and power supply backups we use APC products, and for production servers and storage we primarily use Dell products.


    In order to ensure the highest level of availability and scalability, we primarily use VMware Virtualisation Technologies and HyperV. Our administrators are certified as VMware professionals and regularly attend new trainings.

    Hosting technology

    Our complex hosting technology is our pride and joy; it’s our most premium technological structure. Our team of excellent developers created and constantly improve upon our hosting tech. Our popular and in-house WY Panel & Webpartner user interfaces are simply magnificent. Behind these interfaces exist a broad system of executing scripts, administration interfaces, and several specialised tools.

    WY Panel